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No. of rooms


Floor space

24,21 m²

Net price

447 885.00

The net price does not include the 23% VAT; it is possible to recover the VAT, also for natural persons.

Ilość dni pobytu właścicielskiego

21 dni

Annual net profit


Prezentowane informacje nie stanowią oferty w rozumienie Art. 66 § 1 Kodeksu Cywilnego. Inwestycja polega na zakupie indywidualnego lokalu apartamentowego (pełna własność nieruchomości) oraz zawarciu umowy dzierżawy na okres 20 lat. Roczny dochód jaki otrzymuje właściciel jest niezależny od obłożenia danego lokalu i stanowi iloczyn: 8% ceny netto lokalu, bez wyposażenia. W trakcie trwania umowy najmu właściciel ponosi koszty: ubezpieczenia lokalu, podatku od nieruchomości. Szczegóły dostępne są w biurze sprzedaży oraz na stronie www Inwestycji.

rzut apartamentu rzut apartamentu rzut apartamentu
Kup apartament

Condo system

What is it all about?

The name of the condo system is an abbreviation of the Latin word "condominium", which can be translated as "co-ruling". The term perfectly reflects the sense of this model. It is based on the division of one, larger real estate complex, e.g. a hotel, into smaller properties owned by private investors. The whole thing works like any other tourist facility and is managed by a single company. The owner of individual apartment profits from renting, and besides, they can use the property during their holidays - the contract provides for 30 days a year for the so-called owner stays.

THE CONDO SYSTEM IS ADVANTAGEOUS FOR BOTH PARTIES TO THE TRANSACTION The management company can avoid an expensive and burdensome loan for the entire property, and the owners of individual apartments invest their funds in something more profitable and more reliable than deposits, corporate bonds, or stocks. All this allows the owners to avoid unnecessary risk.
This business model works so well that even the largest players worldwide, such as Hilton, Ritz-Carlton, or Four Seasons, use it.



Days of the year
owner stay


Passive income


Home for
quiet vacation


Invest, earn, rest

The condo system is a fantastic proposition for those who would like to profit from the hotel business, and at the same time, for various reasons, do not want to spend their own time and energy on managing the project. The so-called operator, i.e. the management company, takes on tasks such as customer acquisition, building maintenance, cleaning, catering services, and others. Also, well-run apartments increase in value over time, making them even more profitable investments. Facilities in locations attractive to tourists are particularly profitable.

Advantages of the investment

One of the greatest advantages of the condo system is accessible to everyone. Buying a single apartment is much cheaper than investing in an entire hotel, and both businesses and individuals can do it. You can be sure that the income is one hundred percent passive: investors do not even have to show up, because the management is done by a professional operator. Furthermore, the condo system can be treated as a "second home", i.e. your own place for a quiet vacation. It is therefore a perfect solution for those who dream of a private, holiday haven, and at the same time want this investment to be associated with a real rate of return.